So, I published my first post back in February, and it’s now October.


But hey – at least I told you upfront that I promised no posting schedule! Though I haven’t been writing about it, I’ve been busy behind the scenes slowly getting ready for our (eventual) escape from Vancouver.

Here are some apology gourds – courtesy of a local farm.

Our plan has gone through many (many, many, MANY) versions over the last 7 months, including at one point considering buying land in rural Lithuania. Currently, our plan is thus:

  • Leave Vancouver in February or March of 2020 (depends on when the Partner finishes a large project at his current job)
  • Move to Edmonton – Yay! 6 months a year of subzero temperatures and snow. *weeps frozen tears*
  • Bust our butts working in Edmonton for 3-7 years, which will include finishing my diploma/degree at NAIT, a possible career switch for the Partner, paying off my student loans, and saving a decent portion of what we need for FI
  • Build a tiny house on wheels out at my parents’ rural acreage
  • Buy some land in New Brunswick
  • Move said tiny house out to said land and begin homesteading!

Now, considering how many revisions our plan has gone through just this year alone, this is VERY MUCH subject to change. However, I’ve been reading oodles and oodles of books and blogs about homesteading, gardening, sustainable living, permaculture, small scale livestock rearing, and of course, personal finance and frugality. And I love it. I love it all.

The Partner still has some reservations, specifically around the livestock (I mean, fair. He has allergies and we don’t know how he’ll handle some parts of this lifestyle til we try it), but overall we’re both very excited by the idea of a slower life, growing lots of our own food, and having the space and time to pursue our own projects.

Endless thanks to the Frugalwoods for letting me know this was even an option and ways to get there. Also to Mr. Money Moushtache for the proverbial face punches that got me to re-examine how I design every part of my life.

Let’s get this party started!

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